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Tabuelan Escapade: Makino’s Wedding Prenup

This experience was the biggest travel moment that I had for the year 2017. (This is a late post, you got it!) So I was so excited even though I have to wake up early in the morning. This was the biggest because this was the first travel that I will be having for the said year plus it will be a Prenuptial Photoshoot of our friend and colleague Makino Emi (CebuanaPH).

We gathered at 5 AM originally with friends and colleagues Silvermist, Jaffa, Anjolie, Makino and her family. However, Anjolie didn’t make it because she wasn’t able to wake up on time even though her alarm was ringing.

Basically, since Makino and I are residing in the same barangay, I was picked up by the van in the waiting shed of the barangay’s corner. We head first to her house to pick up some of her family members and also the food and other beach things. Since Makino has other family members in Mandaue City, so we also went there and pick up her 2nd mother (well it’s complicated).

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Trainer Feels

Just a while ago, I had my first Trainer feels. It did not come to my knowledge that we will be orienting the new batch of Trainees regarding the Students’ Level Description.

Right before I went upstairs, I was greeted by our Team Leader and had informed me that Teacher Neptune (co-Language Assessor) and I will be the one who will be doing the orientation. It feels like I was struck by a thunder, right thereafter! My heart pumps blood so fast and my knees are cracking.

So I just told her that I will go upstairs and get on my jacket. But honestly, my heart was still thumping very loud. So I just check my face in the mirror and wear my black blazer. I’m just so lucky I have reviewed the PDF File of the said Orientation 2 weeks ago.

The moment we enter the Training Room, I wore my self-confidence and greeted the trainees. Just after that, my stage fright wore off. Maybe because I had a company with me.

I was so satisfied because we did it smoothly. It was a rewarding feeling.

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Team Mojo: First Team Building 2017 (Part 2)

After we exhaustingly climbed the Osmeña Peak, we headed down and hit the road again. Can you guess where to? You’re right! To the BEACH!

SECOND STOP: Basdaku White Beach of Moalboal, Cebu.

So it took us another hour or so to get to the beach. While traveling, the surrounding fog is slowly fading as the sun is rising much higher. Continue reading “Team Mojo: First Team Building 2017 (Part 2)”

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Team Mojo: First Team Building 2017

After college graduation, I landed on an ESL Teaching as my first job. So I had a limited idea of what does it feel like to have emerged into a crowd of workers and professional adults.

It was my first time to be part of a team. I only heard about the system from my classmates who used to work in BPO companies or Call Centers and from my cousin who works in a Production company. As introvert as I am, I am usually silent, observant and an information absorber when I am with other people. It never hit me that I will divulge myself with whom I could label as few of the amazing human beings I could meet in my lifetime. Continue reading “Team Mojo: First Team Building 2017”

Does Creativity evanesce?

I wonder where did my muse go? Has it found a cooler and more peaceful place to lay its wings and get rested? Has it found a safer ground to pour its heart out of exhaustion? Did it feel worn out in my hands and is now looking for a softer palm to pat its feather better? Is it like a perfume where its fragrance subsides after a stretch of unruly days? Leaving its scent to oblivion and has a hard time coming back to how it smells before. Could it be that it is now somewhere over the painless face of the earth where no one could ever lay their eyes on? Could it also be that it is resting there forever and would never find its way home? I’m not so certain of these musings but if my muse has come to find another entity to reproduce enthralling little muses, I can lay here bare and blank until it will possess my soul again.

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In dilemma

I can’t explain what I am recently feeling right now but I think I would describe it as a dilemma. This week is a total dilemma week because I have to decide whether I have to take the higher position offered to me in my workplace or not. Earlier this week one of the Language Assessors kept on telling me to be prepared and get used to the LAT materials because I will be one of them sooner. Just today, the last day of the week, I received this message from the Language Assessor Head herself and it just makes me act crazier.Capture

I have to make my slightest and honest decision as soon as possible or else I will be fed up by my negativities. I just don’t want to be apart from my aisle-mates here in the second floor for if I will take the offer, I am certain that they will ask me to transfer to the 3rd floor and stay on the aisle where the LATs are also staying.

I am in the middle of thinking if I will be too busy to not enjoy life and laughter with friends and not be able to handle offline students. Most of all, I am too scared of responsibility because I know myself more that if ever I have to be big, I have to be big. Yet I am not.

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Good feedbacks flatter a mushroom

I can’t believe what I heard a while ago today.

Well, it’s not that a long story but I was just called by my neighboring teacher while she is having a Reading class with her new Vietnamese Intern student about dinosaurs. Come to think of it, she thought that the Theory of Evolution was formulated by a Scientist with the same name as mine. Well, I am Edwin and the man behind the theory was Darwin (Charles Darwin to be exact). Well, giving her the benefit of a doubt, it sounds closely the same.

Nevertheless, it comes to a flattering feeling after Teacher Anjolie’s student answered her question “Do you know him?”

She said with a loud YES! He’s very popular.

Deep inside me, I wonder why? Oh, maybe because one random student scattered the news that I am so fond of drawing and painting. However, it was not what I am expecting. She said that I am popular because I handle tests. She also termed because I have a nice accent. (Honestly, I don’t think so… but I am working on it.) What touches me more was when she said that I have a good voice, warm and maybe guiding them to at least follow the instructions. It doesn’t come from her own opinion but from other students, as I was told.

I guess the Vietnamese guy that I had Speaking Test with was telling her. Well, it made my day. I also find the guy interesting and kind. I just assessed him with the higher score because he delivered himself very well.

This would be on of the most unforgettable good feedback that I ever received.